Film Philosophy Books and Other Announcements

Dear all,

Please find below a listing of books, either just released or about to be released, that will no doubt hold interest for Film Philosophy scholars.

Please note as well that SCMS's call for conference papers will arrive in three short months! If you are interested in organizing a panel with other members, please email our secretary either via this website's contact form or through our SCMS SIG page.

Hven, Steffen. Cinema and Narrative Complexity: Embodying the Fabula (2017)

Casetti, Francesco, Silvio Alovisio, and Luca Mazzei, eds. Early Film Theories in Italy 1896-1922: The Little Magic Machine (2017)

Pollmann, Inga. Cinematic Vitalism: Film Theory and the Question of Life (2017)

LaRocca, David, ed. The Philosophy of Documentary Film (2016)

I would love to ask those on this list as well to consider taking a moment to forward the details of this website along to any interested colleagues or students, and asking them to consider signing up for the list serve. We are very hopeful to keep building this community!

Thank you, and I hope everyone is having a lovely spring!